Your beloved pet’s Tag is here

If you lose your pet, give it the best chance to come home

Seven different colors





Dark Red



What Tap My Pet Will Do for Your pet

Easy Setup

Just login and complete your details.

Tap NFC or Scan QR Code

By Tap NFC or scanning QR Code, you can see your pet details.

Contact Form

When someone find your beloved pet, can reach you by just complete contact form.

Click On Call

Can reach you by just tap on phone number and contact you.

Click to Email

Can reach you by just tap on email and contact you.

Various Range of Templates

You can select from a various templates.

Care Managment

A detail care management system, to have at any time your pet care history.

Water Proof

Full water proof.

Changeable Profile

Change the profile of your pet any time you want.

Password Protected

Lock with password your pet details and unlock them only when is necessary.

How to Activate

Open your camera or NFC and scan QR code or tap the card.

Follow the link to sign up.

Create new pet and complete your details.

Save and your pet tag is activated and ready to use.